The future is up to us. We can either continue down the path of destruction we are now on, which will ultimately lead to the collective suicide of humankind from our wholesale destruction of God's biosphere, which sustains all life on our planet, or we can strive for a utopian future.

The road to oblivion is the easiest for it requires no changes in thought, action, deed, or philosophy. All we need do is keep sucking the earth dry of all of its finite resources, clear-cut our remaining forests, and continue to maximize short-term corporate wealth at the long-term future of the Earth.

A utopian future will require a dramatic change in our way of life. We must begin to honor God by honoring Creation. We must learn to not waste, to recycle everything possible, to refuse to contribute the any further destruction of our planet's life support systems, to demand the corporations we invest in develop a new ethic, and to use The Golden Rule of the New Millennium as our guide in all of our actions.

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